With these questions asked, you should now be able to move forward on your custom home build with confidence. To learn more about the Torino Construction team and how we can help you develop the property of your dreams, get in touch with us today!

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Finding the right builder for your dream home can be done several ways. In most cases, you’ll want to rely on reviews from friends and trusted online sources. If you know anyone who has had a custom home built, talk with them about the company they worked with and inquire about the experience. If you don’t know anyone, a quick Google search will allow you to review builders in your area and determine the one that is right for the job.

Your custom home can be built in a variety of ways, some more affordable than others. Be sure to ask your builder which material options are available, and the prices associated so that you can successfully budget the project.

A good custom home builder will be able to assess the properties you’re considering and determine whether or not any issues will arise during planning and development.

Your builder should be able to navigate you through the feature selection process and ensure that you’re confident with the options you're deciding on.

You want to make sure that your builder is reputable, with no less than five years of experience in the space. This will ensure that you’re working with a team capable of building your dream home on time and on budget, as they are familiar with the nuances that come alongside custom homes in your area.

Your builder should be able to provide a few past clients who can attest to the quality of their service and work. If this isn’t possible, you may want to reconsider commitment.

Be sure that you know which team members will be responsible for your custom home development, as you want individuals who will treat the build as if it were their own. Experience is key, and you should aim to have a team that is passionate about building beautiful custom homes.

Your custom home is a major project, and you’ll certainly want support along the way. A builder that’s able to provide assistance through the finishes process will make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable, and it will guarantee that the finished product is beautiful.

Understanding the standard finishes available, from lighting to counters and more, will give you an idea of how much additional budget room is required to build the home of your dreams.

Although many builders will be able to source appliances and materials at discounted bulk rates, it’s worth seeing if you’re allowed to buy your own. This will give you the ability to compare the two options and go with the one that provides the most value.

If the builder isn’t required to source appliances and materials for you, they should be able to provide cost incentives. Be sure to ask before the final project pricing is established.

Many builders will include professional landscaping to have your dream home looking beautiful inside and out. Be sure to see if yours is willing to add the option.

Ensure that your builder has incorporated all costs – including cost escalation clauses – into the formal plan. This will guarantee that there are no budget oversights and that you can accurately plan for the project.

If you’re planning on mortgaging your custom home, inquire to see if any benefits can come from working with the builders preferred lender. This may bring about some great savings opportunities.