You have decided to build your own house, but you’re not sure where to start? Custom home building might appear to be a difficult process. When it comes to planning to build a house, it is critical arriving at the property properly prepared and with steps to building a house in Ontario. We have detailed the steps to build a house for a successful project in this article below; if you need any additional information, please do not even hesitate to get in touch with us at Torino Construction!

Establish a Budget

Before you begin the construction process, you must first create a reasonable budget for yourself that you would like to stay within. Always keep in mind that the following items are not included in the construction price: lot acquisition and taxes, construction charges, sewage and well fees if necessary, hydro connections, landscaping, appliance equipment, decor and furniture, and more taxes. The cost to build a house in Ontario can quickly exceed your ability to pay if you don’t budget properly. 

Find a Builder

We at Torino Construction value our role in the design process. We can ensure that you understand what specific design aspects represent in terms of construction and cost, and we know what works because of our years of industry experience. If you’re thinking about hiring a custom house builder like us, do your research to learn more about the benefits, procedures, and significance of building a house in Ontario.

Choose Land

It’s almost as vital to know about the land you build on as the construction process and design when building a home in Ontario. The location of your home will influence what you want to and can do with it in a structural and aesthetic manner. Consider the following:

The lot’s dimensions

Neighbours proximity

Topography of the land – The plot’s orientation (sun direction?)

The natural environment (Trees, fields, water, etc.)

Trees (Keep in mind that tall, ancient trees cannot just be planted)

The architectural style of the other residences in the area (if applicable)

Access to services (Will a well be required? Is it a septic tank? (Do you need new power, telephone, or cable connections?)

Privacy vs. having a nice view

Take your time, do your homework, and select the ideal property. If you have a builder in mind, have them take you on a tour of the property and give you their thoughts on building and living there. Although it is not required, having a professional, such as an architect or contractor, inspect the property you are interested in may save you time and money in the long run by guaranteeing that you may do anything you want with the site. Consider living there throughout each of the four seasons. Examine the lot’s cost; will you have enough money left over to create the house of your dreams? Then, if it’s the correct piece of property, seal the deal!

Design Your Home

Come with a plan and with a fundamental understanding of what you want, whether you employ an architectural designer or a drafter. What is the total number of bedrooms? What kind of entertainment area do you require? What kind of style do you prefer? Make sure you’re aware of the costs associated with all of these choices so that the home you acquire falls within your budget. This is where your builder’s advice is invaluable since they are the best source of accurate material and labour costs. Although exact pricing is impossible at this stage of the design process, if you have established a clear building budget, your builder will be able to advise you intelligently. Remember to set aside enough money from the construction budget to pay the above-mentioned extras.


Collaborate with Your Team

It’s time to select an architect and builder now that you’ve thought about your objectives and needs and prepared an architectural programme. This should be done early on in the process. Architects and builders do more than just draw out blueprints and constructing the home. They also assist you in determining what is and is not feasible based on your property, budget, and timeline.

Consider hiring an interior designer. Interior designers are well equipped with knowledge to bring your dream home to life. They will help with designing a home with consideration to your lifestyle, creating functionality and space. They will also help with determining your interior finishes that best suits your vision so you won’t have to worry about sourcing the best quality materials and designs.

Choose Finishes

In reality, this procedure will take place throughout the construction phase and will be a continuous item on the to-do list. Your builder should provide you with a timeframe for when each item must be selected, so that designs, templates, and pipe positions may be determined. Tubs, toilets, pipes and light fixtures, appliances, cabinets, floors, paints, handrails, fireplaces, roof colour, and exterior are all things to consider. While it may appear to be a lot, if you are diligent and stick to the builder’s plan, you will be ok.

3D Render of Custom Home

Communicate Clearly

Effective communication is crucial to the easy progress of the construction. The customer and the builder both need to be informed about the development and adjustments. 

 Monitor Progress

Permits. This is usually taken care of by your contractor. Verify that this is the situation and that the necessary permissions are in place (else you may face severe issues with the local council, including costs and delays!)

Allowing payments to get ahead of schedule is not a good idea.

Inspections: In most cases, it is the responsibility of your contractor to schedule regular checks as mandated by your government. Check with your contractor, and learn the dates so you can stay on top of things.

 Do Walk-Throughs

Conduct regular walk-throughs to see if everything is being done up to your standard. This also helps you keep a tab and timeline on certain parts of the project!

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