Your home is your castle, a place where you showcase your personal style while fulfilling your family’s necessities. However, as families grow, you could eventually discover that your current house has become too small for your ever-changing lifestyle. Selling a home is not always a desirable or feasible solution for many homeowners. When moving is not an option, house additions are a great alternative to adding more space to your existing house.

Adding a second floor to a house not only gives you more space by expanding the size of your home, but it significantly increases your home’s resale value. When considering a second story addition, you can choose between adding an entirely new level, or a split or half level.

Second floor additions are desirable for homes that only have one level or have a partial upper level. When it comes to adding another floor to your home, you have several design options available so you can design your floor plan to create a very personal space that meets all your current and future needs.

There are many things to consider when deciding if a second story addition is right for your home. At Torino Construction, we can answer all your questions and help you plan the right house addition renovation for your house and budget.

The Benefits of Second Story Additions

Adding a second floor to your house is a great way to create space without leaving your home or area. While it is one of the most extensive home renovations, there are many benefits to second story additions.

Not only can you elect how you want the house addition to look, but you can also arrange your main floor layout the way you want. Rooms that currently take up space on the main floor like bedrooms or offices are commonly relocated to second floor additions so you have more freedom to design both floor plans.

Finding a new home and moving is a hassle that most people do not enjoy or want to undertake. When you have found the right home in an area that meets most or all of your individual choices, you should not have to choose between staying in a cramped home or uprooting to a new area.

Building up does not take away from your green space. When you add a second floor, it does not affect your yardage so you can enjoy having a backyard while increasing your house size. If you have a small yard, or your home is close to your neighbours, a main floor addition might not be a doable option. When you cannot expand outward, expanding upward is a more desirable preference.

Concerns About Second Story Additions

One of the main concerns about second story additions is whether or not you can legally add a second floor to your house. It is important to research your region’s bylaws first to see what regulations are in place when it comes to the construction of the addition.Once you have met all zoning bylaws, your next steps are to get the building permits required and insurance before you start construction.

Second floors additions can change the structural frame and foundation of your home. A structural engineer will determine if an addition can be added and determine if the addition is feasible.

Second story additions can be costly. It is important to review your finances and budget before starting the project.

When adding a second story to your house, it is important that windows, exterior façade, colouring, and layout of the second floor addition should complement the existing home’s structure.

Second Story Remodelling Options

If you are planning to add a second story to a house, there are four ways you can do this:

  • You can remove the roof and completely rebuild the whole second floor addition and a new roof from scratch. This is the more costly of the renovations.
  • Do a partial construction by cutting your existing roof off, installing new walls and flooring to your upper level, and then reattach the original roof onto the new framework.
  • Add a pre-fabricated modular level to the top of your house. Pre-fabs are made off-site and then lifted onto your house. They can be custom or generically designed and come in different sizes to fit all or part of your main level square footage. This is the more cost-effective method of second story additions.
  • Construct a half or split level second story addition onto your home. You can build half a floor onto a single level home or build the second half of your split level to convert your half-story into a full two-story house.

Cost of Adding a Second Story

Second floor house additions cost between $150,000 to over $200,000. The remodeling option you choose and size of your home influence how much it costs to add a second story to your existing house.

Because second story additions are big renovation projects, there are many details that go into the planning and construction. Only experienced professional contractors should be hired to oversee the work. At Torino Construction, we have over 10 years industry experience. If you are planning a second floor addition, contact us today for your free consultation.