General Commercial Contractors

Commercial construction is a complicated business, especially if you’re in the Greater Toronto Area. The projects are high stakes and can take many months to complete – that’s why you need a commercial construction company that you can fully trust. All of Torino Construction’s experienced general contractors specialize in commercial building construction across the GTA. We empower all of our clients to oversee the project with us from the planning stage and design to the management of the project itself.

As an experienced commercial construction contractor, Torino Construction is committed to developing award-winning designs that tap into our clients’ creative side and diverse set of needs. Our team is experienced in office construction, retail construction, restaurant construction and so much more. Whether you have a medical office that needs to house advanced medical equipment or a boutique store that needs to make the best use of storage space and natural light, we can help you achieve your commercial construction goals.

No matter what industry you’re in, the skilled contractors at Torino Construction can help turn your vision into reality, on time and within your budget. There’s no commercial construction project we won’t tackle that includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Corporate offices that attract and retain top talent and clients, and make the best use of space no matter if you’re running a hybrid work environment, open concept, or hotel environment.
  • Hotels, restaurants and hospitality centres that earn rave reviews and become the talk of the town, and help you showcase your expertise and world-class services.
  • Medical and dental facilities that help you provide first-rate care for your patients so you can earn their trust and stay on top of the latest treatment options or techniques.
  • Recreational and fitness facilities that become community and cultural hubs in your neighbourhood for years to come, generating more activity and helping your area promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Educational and daycare facilities that inspire young minds while keeping safety and security at the forefront for the peace of mind of staff and parents.
  • Public spaces and government buildings ensure services can run smoothly for citizens, ensuring quick and efficient processing of customers.

Here are some more details about what we offer to our valued clients: 

Office Construction

The office space is constantly evolving. The commercial construction designers at Torino Construction understand this. That’s why we always take great care to determine the needs of our clients. Whether it’s an open-concept workspace, hotel-style space for hybrid work environments, a commitment to more energy-efficient features or developing impressive meeting rooms to impress clients and retain top talent, Torino Construction can help you achieve all of this.

Medical Construction

Our healthcare professionals need the perfect space to do their work, and Torino Construction contractors know the ins and outs of building codes and regulations to help your company meet and exceed all standards set out by local authorities. Our experienced tradespeople know how to prep spaces for the installation of advanced medical equipment and tools. Allow us to help you develop the perfect space that makes your staff and patients feel the most comfortable.

Retail Construction

A major aspect of commercial construction is retail. Retail construction projects demand an experienced crew of contractors and designers who can help you set up the building properly to maximize the effectiveness of your showroom floor, change rooms, shipping facilities, storage areas and administrative areas. With the always-growing demand for online shopping, it’s never been more important for businesses to put great care into designing their brick-and-mortar facilities for client retention and staff morale.

The Torino Construction Advantage

Every commercial construction contractor employed by Torino Construction is highly experienced and fully insured to carry out all of the work on your project. We ensure that all of our project managers are up to speed on the latest strategies for project management, operations and design trends. Behind the scenes, we use dynamic content management systems to keep everything on schedule so you never have to worry if things are still on track. 

If you want a high-caliber construction team that knows how to get commercial construction projects completed in Ontario effectively and efficiently, then call Torino Construction. We are full-service contractors, meaning we handle everything from plumbing to permits and electrical to framing and everything in between.

With Torino Construction, there’s no juggling of multiple suppliers. You tell us what you want and we’ll track down the highest-quality materials that meet your budget as well as your aesthetic needs. Then we enlist the masters of the craft to install everything properly. 

And unlike many of our competitors, we don’t believe in big-box, cookie-cutter solutions. All of our designs are custom-made with a full consultation with our clients. We specialize in custom millwork, storage solutions, and more to help you lead your industry and make a statement in the neighbourhood that you decide to build in. 

 Why Choose Us

The Torino Advantage means that you’ll get the first consultation as we map out a plan for success on your project. As we work on the plans together, we’ll give you our expert advice and opinion on your choices to make sure everything works well together and meets local building codes. At this time, you’ll also receive an estimate. We are proud to offer the most competitive rates in the industry. 

Once you’re happy with the plan, we’ll work out a timeline that fits your needs with your business. We promise to always be transparent and provide open communication throughout the entire process. Torino Construction is passionate about providing exemplary customer service so we’ll take the time to address your concerns and effort to meet all expectations. 

If you’re ready to work with the best commercial contractors in Toronto then it’s time to call and book your free consultation with our award-winning team of talented and experienced professional contractors. Get in touch with us today!