A house fire is a devasting scare that can be life-threatening. Although not all are blazes will burn the house to the ground, even a small fire can create seismic damage to your home. If you or anybody you know has dealt with this misfortune, there is fire damage restoration services offered by Torino Construction. Through an extensive process, your house can be remodeled back to its original shape without it feeling different. Due to the extremities of a house fire, bringing in the help of professionals is necessary.

We possess the proper training, required skills, and familiarity of dealing with situations like these. The process includes property board up, soot and smoke cleanup, hazard and acidic removal, sanitation, removal of odor, water damage restoration, demolition, and reconstruction. With that said, our certified contractors at Torino Construction are fire and smoke, restoration experts. We are ready to return your property back to its original condition and get your home feeling like home again.

Causes of Fire Damage 

The most common causes of fire damage in homes are:

Cooking – Homeowners will leave cooking, open flames, and spills unattended and a fire can quickly get out of hand if someone is not in the kitchen to extinguish it.

Heating – Although fireplaces and furnaces can pose a risk, space heaters can cause a fire simply by being left too close to other materials that are combustible.

Electrical systems/light equipment – This is namely because of faulty wiring. Faulty wiring can be detected in your home if you see blinking lights, sparks coming from an electrical outlet, or lights that dim when you turn on appliances.

Smoking – Lit cigarettes or lighters are a major concern when smoking indoors. A fire can spread rapidly throughout an entire house as a result of a single dropped lit cigarette.

Candles – Never leave candles unattended, especially before going to sleep or leaving the room/house. Also, avoid placing candles too close to objects that can burn easily.

Though these are the 5 most common causes of fire damage, any flame lit in your house can pose a threat if unattended. Because there are a number of modern plastics, glues, and hydro-carbon-based products, flames and smoke are more likely to engulf rooms at a faster rate. It can have a devastating impact on any home and its occupants.

Fire Damage Restoration Services in Toronto 

Torino Construction’s primary fire damage restoration services include:

Soot and Smoke Cleanup – Our team handles the discoloration of walls, ceilings, and appliances, the rust that has formed due to acid residue, acid stains, soot residue, and carpet cleaning to dislodge soot particles and smoke from between the fibres. If acidic residues are not cleaned on time, permanent damage can occur. Soot is also harmful because it will layer if not cleaned appropriately. We also sanitize the property to make it fit for living.

Removal of Odor – Lingering odor from the fire is removed by the Torino Construction team through inventive fire restoration technology. Once the source of odor is traced and identifiable by our trained technicians, it is removed promptly. It is crucial to deodorize the fire-swept property because discomfort and frustration ensue from any unpleasant odor within the home.

Water Damage Restoration – The main cause of water damage is from trying to stop the fire from spreading initially, and/or when the firefighters arrive to your home to put out the flames. Torino Construction offers water damage cleanup services as well thus, our professional team will address the situation by pumping out the surplus water and using powerful dehumidifiers until the surface is dried thoroughly.

Complete Restoration – Includes both major and minor repair services. For example, minor facets of the restoration process may involve replacing drywall, installing new carpeting, and painting the home. The major repairs however are the reconstruction of specific areas within the home. Our proper restoration process helps in returning your home back to its pre-fire state.

Process of Fire Damage Restoration 

Torino Construction process of fire damage restoration in Toronto proceeds as follows:

Step 1: Assess the damage. We’ll perform tests and assessments for analyzing the destruction done by fire, smoke, soot, and water, how extensive cleanup will be, determine what should be discarded and what can be packed out and restored, and develop a plan of action for countering the damage. Here, we will get a better idea of the scope of the work, how long it will take, and begin formulating a cost estimate.

Step 2: Security of Property & Debris Removal – This includes removing debris around the perimeter, installing fencing around the property, boarding up openings in the structure, and tarping or sealing off parts of the roof to protect the house from the weather. If the fire did not impact certain areas of the property, then it’s important our fire damage restoration specialists ensure that this area is sealed off to minimize any cross contamination.

Step 3: Demolition, Water Removal & Dry Out – Torino Construction’s experienced contractors will prevent further damage by removing water and drying out the property. Damaged flooring, drywall, and other materials will be removed as deemed necessary, and personal property will be escorted out from the interior of the structure.

Step 4: Clean Up & Smoke Removal – This step involves properly cleaning every inch of the affected area of smoke and soot from interior and exterior surfaces. Deodorizing agents are used to fully remove any lingering smoke odors and we sanitize or apply antimicrobial chemicals to halt any subsequent mold growth from water damage.

Step 5: Construction & Restoration – The final phase includes rebuilding and replacing the roof, replacing and painting drywall, replacing electrical, replacing interior counters, fixtures, etc, and replacing flooring materials to bring the property back to pre-loss condition. We will also remove and replace any parts of the structure that are completely unsalvageable.

Why Torino Construction? 

Torino Construction stands apart from other fire restoration companies because we have 10+ years of experience in renovations and construction. Rather than needing to hire a fire restoration company and a home renovation company separately, our diverse range of specialists have expertise in both fields, saving you time, stress, and money. When our certified technicians arrive on the scene, we’ll assess, remove debris, demolish and dry out, remove smoke, clean up, and restore. We lay out all the steps so you can align our schedules with your timeline and budget. If done incorrectly by a non-professional, then your property and your health will suffer from contamination and staining.

Torino Construction wants to ease the hardships of dealing with fire damage in any way possible. We pride ourselves in our commitment to helping homeowners across the GTA, offering assistance when we know they need it most. Our team is experienced with fire damage restoration, structural repair, odor elimination, smoke/soot clean up, and more!

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