Professional City Project Development Services

For more than 10 years, Torino Construction has offered first-rate city project development services for clients across the Greater Toronto Area. When you’re building infrastructure for services that your people and the economy rely on, it’s important to work with the best. 

When working on commercial spaces, public spaces, and even schools, Torino Construction only hires the most experienced and dedicated tradespeople who seamlessly integrate their workflow for construction project management to achieve impressive designs completed on time and within budget.

Large-Scale Projects in the Private Sector

When prospective employees are job hunting they aren’t making decisions based just on salary—they want a comfortable workplace that allows them to be creative, collaborate with colleagues when necessary and access self-care amenities when needed. With so many employees working remotely at least some of the time, it’s important to make the office as inviting as possible. Add comfortable seating in common areas. Make sure the break room is filled with a lot of natural light, plenty of table space for communal eating and a luxury kitchen that might as well be in their own homes. 

Promote health and wellness by installing lockers so people have somewhere to store a bicycle helmet or workout gear for a lunchtime run. And with that idea, install some employee shower stalls while you’re at it! The right office design can inflate employee retention, boost office morale and maximize your workers’ efficiency and effectiveness in your industry.

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Developing Medical Centres

The development of any medical clinic should always take design and layout into serious consideration. A good flow to the space and the right amenities will ensure a successful practice, comfortable patients, and high retention. Current trends typically prefer open-concept layouts and a carefully curated colour palette. Using as much natural sunlight as possible by adding skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows can go a long way to injecting energy into a space. 

Many medical centres also prefer to incorporate more natural building materials into the construction, utilizing mediums such as stone or wood to make the patients feel more at home.  And be sure to leave expansion room for high-tech features like a digital kiosk for patients to check themselves in. Leaving space in the design for future devices and machinery will only help bolster your clinic’s position in the future so you can remain competitive in the field.

Building Shopping Malls

Torino Construction’s team of talented and experienced tradespeople is well-versed in the handling of multi-million dollar projects like building shopping malls. When it comes to mall construction, the choice clients have for size, configuration, and layout is virtually endless. Whether you are looking to build a strip mall, community shopping centre, or lifestyle mall, we’ll work with your budget and vision to get your shopping mall built as quickly and as safely as possible.

From parking considerations to sustainable design ideas, we can help you build an eco-friendly addition to the neighbourhood. Our teams are up to date on the latest shopping mall building codes for the region and will work to ensure all permits are obtained before construction to fall in line with all insurance and licensing requirements.

Building Churches

Building a church is a complex operation that requires a team with the knowledge and experience to see your project through to the end. Gather the ideas of your congregation’s key representatives to map out the preferred design elements and required amenities.  Make sure to consider the proper size and functionality when building your church. Are you going to be hosting community events such as weddings and funerals? You’ll want a hall space including a storage area and a kitchen for food and drink preparation.

How many followers are you expecting to attend on a daily basis? It’s important to ensure you have adequate bathroom facilities and enough hallway space and parking spots to keep traffic flowing. No matter what budget you are working with, our team’s consultants are standing by to help you source the finest materials and orchestrate the preferred timeline for your church’s completion. Contact us today to book your free consultation.

The Torino Approach 

At Torino Construction we understand that we’re not just helping companies construct a building, we’re helping them to create a culture and a place that clients and employees alike love to spend time in. 

We believe in the power of a strong in-house management team including interior designers, project managers, construction managers, and site supervisors. In turn, these people work with the most talented architects, engineers and suppliers so you know that you’re getting professional results.

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We approach every project the same way

  • An introductory meeting to ensure you feel confident in our abilities to deliver your desired designs
  • If you’re building a brand new home, we can even help you find the perfect lot to construct and help you acquire the property you want 
  • We’ll get to know you and your family so we can provide a proposal that matches your lifestyle and unique tastes
  • Our team works to secure all necessary permits while ensuring our complete compliance with zoning bylaws 
  • We show our design and work closely with you to finetune every aspect of the project before construction begins

What You Can Expect With Our Team

Starting with your free no-obligation consultation, you’ll get to work closely with our top designers to lay out the plans for your professional project. We take the time to know our client’s unique needs because no project is the same.

You can expect a friendly and professional team who will take the time to communicate every step of the construction process.


Why Choose Torino Construction

When you work with Torino Construction, you get to tap into our team’s expertise and utilize our talented team of craftspeople to bring your vision to life.

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us today for your complimentary, no-obligation consultation.