When you’re in the process of building a new home, coming up with unique ideas for your space might be challenging. You want it to look great but also serve a need for you and your family. You also don’t want it to be something that everyone else has.

Here at Torino Construction, building a custom house is what we do. If you are looking for ideas or are wondering if your design ideas are possible, we can help you get the perfect features. Keep reading if you’d like to learn a few helpful tips when it comes to designing your one-of-a-kind space.

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A Hidden Room

One of the best things about building a custom house is getting to include quirks you wouldn’t find anywhere else. A hidden room is a fun way to incorporate a unique feature in your home. It can make use of otherwise dead space, adding to an attic, or cutting a larger room down.

Turn it into a library, a rec room for the kids, or just a space where you can get away from it all. Hidden rooms can be entered through closet doors, false walls, and even trap doors.

These are great ideas and the perfect way to make use of space that doesn’t seem to have much use. Other areas to include a hidden room include the attics, under the stairs, and even larger closets.

Built-In Shelving Units

Built-in shelves are a great way to get extra storage and make use of an awkward space. They can be very unique and built for anything you need it for, like a collection you want to show off.

You can have them made to fit your unique collection and add lights, glass doors, and differently-sized shelves to accommodate whatever you wish to protect and display at the same time.

They are a great way to make the best use of any space without compromising floor space.

amazing custom bathroom with two vanity and freestanding bathtub - custom home contractors

A Luxurious Spa Room

The best place to incorporate ideas for new homes is the bathroom. We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms and it’s important that it’s both comfortable and enjoyable. 

Take some time and think about what you really want in your bathroom or spa room. It can be made to accommodate the entire family with beautiful shower stalls, easy access bathtubs, and lowered sinks or tiled mirrors. 

A large soaker tub, a sauna or whirlpool tub, heated floors, and of course, extra storage. Consider the different types of lighting you want and some modern features to make your bathroom a work of art. It’s also an excellent way to increase the value of your home.

Outdoor Living Space

Another area to add your own unique flare to your outdoor space. Build an incredible deck where you can enjoy the great weather and entertain your guests. Covered decks that are an extension of your kitchen can increase your whole dining space.

You can also think about large porches, converting a garage or shed into a living space, or adding a covered carport for use in the nicer weather for cooking, lounging, and family time. 

A covered outdoor space with a heater can be used for extended periods of time. It will protect you from the rain and you can start to use it earlier and later in the seasons.

amazing backyard of custom home - custom homes toronto

Smart Technology

Smart technology is here to stay. There are so many benefits to adding smart features to your home. You can control all the power and electricity while you’re away from home. It adds an extra layer of security and helps you control your monthly energy bills.

Life is made easier when you can program everything in your home. From refrigerators that remind you to buy eggs to thermostats that tell you how much energy you are using, smart technology pays for itself.

You can control your home from afar to turn on lights, turn on the stove, and set up automated commands to give the appearance of being home. You can monitor your entire home while at work or away on holiday.

Marble and Granite Materials

Nothing else says luxury like granite and marble in your home. Whether you are thinking of countertops, bathroom vanity or floors, both of these materials are stunning.

These materials add so much and are available in many colours – it adds a touch of class to everything in your home. An entire floor or a corner fireplace will speak volumes with your new home-build ideas.

build in appliances in custom kitchen by torino construction

Custom Cabinetry

Your modern luxury kitchen is not complete without custom cabinetry. Here is where you can get exactly what you need and incorporate beautiful cabinets. You can get cabinets lowered, made to fit awkward corners, or easy-to-open doors and drawers.

Hidden closet spaces can be invisible and you can achieve unique storage ideas to store all your kitchenware without giving up any extra space. Vertical storage and movable islands can turn your kitchen into a dream kitchen.

Statement Light Fixtures

We often forget about lighting, but it’s important to install good lighting throughout the home. Kitchens and bathrooms benefit from several types of lights, as these rooms are used for different things.

Dimmer lights, task lighting, mood lighting, and various lights that work for all occasions are an excellent investment in your home. Motion lights installed outside and security lights for dark hallways make a big difference in mood and added security.

Custom Backsplash

Creating a custom backsplash is an excellent way to inject some personality into your home. Backsplashes can match various other areas of your kitchen, like the floor, your countertops, or even your appliances.

You can also get unique tiles made of different materials and colours to create a stunning backdrop. You can choose slate, glass, brick or ceramic. Choose tiles with a pattern or design that makes your kitchen really stand out.

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