Whether you have a large or small home, home additions are a fantastic way to increase your square footage and boost your home’s value. House additions are not only a great investment for your property, they also can help maximize your home’s comfort and floor plan. There are plenty of home addition ideas to consider, with everything from bump out additions to second story additions and even exterior mudroom additions, there are house addition ideas suitable to any kind of house.

Keep reading for some house addition plans, inspiration and ideas to consider plus tips on getting started!


Plan a Second Story

One of the largest home addition plans that some homeowners choose is to add a second story to their home. Although this is one of the more expensive and labour intensive projects, it adds significant square footage as well as resale value to your home.  It’s recommended collaborating with a custom home builder to make sure your home’s foundation and structure can handle a second floor addition.

Build a Dormer

Dormers are essentially an expansion that opens up space on your roof and in your attic. In simple terms, they are “glazed structures” meaning they are basically windows. Dormers serve a few purposes, they help expand your attic and can provide more natural light to your home (which also helps your home appear larger so they are an ideal choice for bungalow additions and ideal for small house extension ideas too!). 

Finish your Basement

This one may seem like a simple addition but finishing your basement can increase your space and livable square footage significantly. If you’re looking for a good room addition for small homes, a finished basement is a good place to start. The extra space can be used for a variety of things such as a small apartment, home theatres, or storage. 

Add a Kitchen Bump Out

A micro-additions also known as bump-outs typically adds around 100 sqft and is a small but mighty addition on a home’s floor plan. Kitchen remodels even on a minor scale can give you a great return on your investment.



Expand the Bathroom

Another way to increase space and value in your home is to expand or upgrade your bathroom. Things such as soaking tubs, dual sinks or even adding in half-baths in overlooked small spaces like under the stairs or a closet can be ideal hidden gems in your home. Similar to kitchen additions, bathroom projects have a great return on investment

Add a Mudroom

Mudroom additions are not only a practical addition but can add extra visual  and storage appeal, since most homes already have entryways adding some additions are a smart way to capitalize on hidden potential. By installing wall hooks, built in cabinets, lockers or cubbies are great ways to keep shoes, coats and backpacks all in an aesthetic and organized fashion. Depending on how extensive of a remodel you want to do in your mudroom will either classify your addition as a minor or major project.

Convert the Front Porch into a Sunroom

If you are someone who loves spending time on your front porch, it might be a sign to embark on the project of turning it into an enclosed sunroom! In order for your porch to be considered livable living space, it needs to have heating and be accessible from the house. But keep in mind the environment of the location you live in, if your home is located in a place that has cold or extreme winters, it’s best to consult a builder to help make sure your new enclosed space (meaning the walls and roof) can support the weather elements such as heavy snow. 

Consider a House Bump-Out Addition

Different from the previously mentioned kitchen bump outs, house bump out additions are another form of micro-additions that increase your square footage. Although they can range in size (anywhere from two feet all the way up to 10 to 15 feet), bump out additions do not require roof or foundation work since they are extensions of pre-existing rooms. Some bump out ideas for small rooms can include a window nook (ideal for living rooms or bedrooms), building a walk-in closet, creating additional space for a bathtub in a bathroom or even increasing space in your kitchen for more counter space. 



Finish the Attic

When it comes to another overlooked place of hidden potential don’t forget about the attic! For this home addition project there are some requirements that need to be met. You have to make sure that at least half of the ceiling reaches seven feet and that the attic is connected to a staircase. As long as those two conditions are met, you can capitalize on that extra square footage! Some attic ideas can include turning it into a guest bedroom, an art studio, a home office or whatever other creative ideas you can come up with! Attic conversions can be a huge value booster to your home and are an often overlooked gem!

Turn an Attached Garage into Another Room

Finally, if you’re looking for a different idea for a home addition, consider repurposing your garage! But bear in mind an attached garage can only be considered livable square footage if you don’t use it as a garage. By turning your garage into a gym, home gym, art studio, craft room or even a guest bedroom you can increase your home’s value and footage! Although, garage conversions can seem like a big project (and they are) the return on your investment will be even  bigger. 

Get Started Today

In conclusion, adding extra value to your home with home additions can not only make your home seem larger, more comfortable, more stylish, they are a great way to add value! But unless you have years of experience with building, planning and designing home additions, they can seem a little daunting. But that’s why Torino Construction is here! We have been helping homeowners for over 10 years create, design and receive the home additions of their dreams. 

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